Climate and Sustainability Roadmap

EBRC’s next roadmapping effort, focused on climate and sustainability, will provide a critical assessment of the current status and potential of engineering biology for climate change mitigation and adaptation, and for advancing engineering biology to enable long-term sustainable and equitable development.

The Roadmap aims to identify research opportunities that respond to the urgency of the climate crisis, explore ambitious research goals for precipitating a greener future, and discuss the ethical and social implications of engineering biology for climate and sustainability. Integral to the Roadmap will be the collective insights from engineering biology, social sciences, climate science, and stakeholder communities.

We are excited to engage with EBRC members and the broader research community on this important roadmapping effort. We will begin drafting the roadmap with community writing workshops starting late-Summer 2021.

If you would like to contribute to the roadmap or have questions and comments, please contact Sifang Chen ([email protected]).