NRC postdoc – Biomanufacturing

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Biomanufacturing is increasingly being viewed as an important tool to provide alternative and flexible domestic manufacturing capabilities for an agile supply chain. These technologies promise to boost the economy and secure domestic supply of important products, such as medicines or fuels. Traditionally, the vast majority of biomanufacturing efforts use cells in bioreactors to simultaneously grow and produce target products from cheap feedstocks. Cell-free systems are an emerging alternative in which cells are grown first and their expression and metabolic machinery harvested, followed by manufacturing of products using the extracted machinery. This approach has several advantages to cell-based manufacturing, including reduced sensitivity to products that inhibit growth, ability to produce products that are larger than the size of a cell, and rapid design and testing cycles that circumvent cloning. We are seeking NRC candidates that can support our efforts in cell-free biomanufacturing. Qualified candidates will have experience in cell-free systems, biomanufacturing, metabolic engineering, fermentation scale-up, microbiology, or synthetic biology; ideal candidates will have experience in both cell-free systems and biomanufacturing. Candidates will need to be flexible and willing to adapt to multiple roles within a large and evolving program.

This project is a collaboration between U.S. Army and Northwestern University and offers opportunities for exchange among DOD, academic, and industry partners.

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