Postdoctoral Associate, Yeast Synthetic Biology

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POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE, Biological Engineering-Synthetic Biology Center-Weiss Lab, to join an interdisciplinary academic research lab that seeks to create integrated biological systems capable of autonomously performing useful tasks and to elucidate the design principles underlying the engineering of complex cellular and tissue phenotypes. Will pursue research in the area of yeast synthetic biology, bioreactor design, genetic circuit design, and assay of metabolic products; and work with a team with researchers, a principal investigator, and lab manager on metabolic engineering of yeast, including implementation of genetic circuits that sense cell state and implement feedback control (e.g., analog and digital logic functions) that result in precision control of transgenic metabolic products in one or more yeast strains. Responsibilities include designing genetic circuits (e.g., molecular cloning, yeast cell culture, DNA transfection); optimizing bioreactor conditions; designing assays; collecting data using state-of-the art analytical techniques, including mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, RT-qPCR, next-generation sequencing, and other analytic technologies; data analysis; communicating results–verbally and in writing–to team members; drafting IP disclosures; making presentations to the scientific community through talks and publications; and other tasks as needed.

Job Requirements
REQUIRED: Ph.D. in biological sciences, computer science, engineering, physics, math, or related field; experience in at least one of the following–yeast cell culture, large scale DNA assembly and characterization, genetic recombination technology, next-generation sequencing, computational methods and tools for analysis, and statistics; biological experience in molecular biology, protein engineering, immunology, and/or cell biology; ability to prioritize, perform multiple tasks, and execute detailed technical protocols meticulously; strong organizational, analytical, problem-solving, and documentation skills; and ability to collaborate and on individual projects in a dynamic, multidisciplinary, team-oriented setting. Job #20497

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