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The Kacar Astrobiology Group ( at the University of Arizona in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology is looking to hire a Research Scientist to explore the origins and evolution of essential microbial metabolisms in vivo and in vitro. Our lab works at the interface of molecular evolution, synthetic biology, genome engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology and astrobiology and is host to one of the NASA Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research centers dedicated to understanding early Earth biology and evolution.

Primary responsibility of the candidate:
Will be to explore the origins and evolution of essential microbial metabolisms, with emphasis on Nitrogen and Carbon fixation. The candidate will have several duties:

• Engineer, culture and grow microbial strains
• Assess bacterial growth and behavior under different conditions, systems include but not limited to E. coli, Azotobacteria and cyanobacteria
• Assist laboratory members with on-going laboratory experiments as needed, mentor and train graduate students, undergraduates and other laboratory fellows as needed.
• Attend and present during the weekly-laboratory and astrobiology group meetings, keep an up-to-date laboratory notebook, follow all the safety and laboratory regulations
• Assist PI and laboratory members with grant formatting, manuscript submission and proof reading
• Provide targeted research and background reading, as well as assistance with presentation preparation as needed.
• Data analysis and figure generation
• Additional duties may be assigned.

Required qualifications:
B.S. in Biology, Genetics, Microbiology or related discipline. 5 years of demonstrable experience with microbiology or related fields, molecular cloning, gene mutagenesis, bacterial genome editing, gene/protein expression, protein purification (western and northern blot). Familiarity with protein biochemistry. Good organizational skills are a must. Familiarity with computational tools is a plus.

Preferred qualifications/experience:
Masters or Ph.D. in related field, demonstrated strong leadership, writing skills, and mentorship experience

Additional information:
– Competitive salary with benefits
– Under-Represented Groups are highly encouraged to apply

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