EMUMS Committee

  • Michaela Jones

    I am a 4th year graduate student in the Kunjapur Lab at the University of Delaware. I have worked in synthetic biology for the past 7 years as an undergraduate in the DeLisa Lab at Cornell University. I am really excited about biosynthesizing non-standard amino acids and introducing new chemistries to biology and ensuring appropriate biocontainment for the cool synthetic biology innovations.

  • Megan McSweeney

    I am a 4th year PhD Candidate at Georgia Tech working in Mark Styczynski’s lab. My research focuses on using cell-free synthetic biology to engineer low-cost point-of-care biosensors for disease diagnostic applications. After earning my PhD, I hope to gain more research experience as a post-doctoral fellow and eventually seek a faculty position at a research university.

  • Joshua Atkinson

    Josh is a postdoctoral fellow in Moh El-Naggar’s lab at the University of Southern California. His research focuses on using synthetic biology and protein engineering to control electron transport in biological systems. Josh is a member of the EBRC Student and Postdoc Association Board and works as a liaison to the education working group.

  • Widianti Sugianto

    My name is Widianti, an aspiring synthetic biologist and a chemical engineering graduate student at University of Washington. My research focuses on harnessing synthetic biology as a tool for biocatalysis and bioproduction application. Outside lab, I love spending time cooking and travelling for food.

  • Kok Zhi Lee

    Kok Zhi is a postdoctoral fellow in Fuzhong Zhang’s lab at Washington University in St. Louis. He repurposes/engineers proteins in nature for biotechnology applications, tackling material synthesis and sustainability challenges. He completed his Ph.D. in Bioengineering under Kevin Solomon at Purdue University, where he characterized prokaryotic argonautes for novel gene-editing tool development without sequence-motif restrictions. Outside of research, Kok Zhi serves as a Social Chair in EBRC SPA, dedicated to creating diverse and inclusive environments for networking and career developments in the synthetic biology community.

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