EBRC endeavors to bring people together through workshops, meetings, and other activities. Some of our events are open, others are members-only, but all are listed below. We encourage you to get involved and, if possible, become a member. We also track select community events, hosted by others, which can be found at the end of this page.

EBRC Annual Meeting 2022 | May 19-20 | Berkeley, CA

Join us for engaging presentations on research advancing the field. 

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EBRC Events

EBRC hosts retreats and workshops to showcase cutting-edge research in engineering biology, identify pressing challenges and opportunities, and develop compelling research visions and programs to address them. EBRC works to ensure a diversity of participants from the engineering biology community from across fields, academia, industry, government and other stakeholders.

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  • EBRC SPA Presents Data and Engineering Biology: Operating at the Technical Interface

    The EBRC Student and Postdoc Association is hosting a Data and Engineering Biology: Operating at the Technical Interface panel event, where researchers can connect with professionals who operate and lead […]

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  • EBRC Global Forum 2.0

    This is an invitation-only event. Register here VENUE The Forum will be held at the Hotel Fort Canning. Our hosts in Singapore have procured an excellent reduced rate at the hotel […]

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  • EBRC 2022 Council Retreat

    Reminder to EBRC Council members in industry, government, and academia, to register and book your travel for the EBRC 2022 Council Meeting.

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  • Climate and Sustainability Roadmap Virtual Writing Workshop 10

    This virtual workshop will focus on filling in technical gaps and move us closer to completing the technical content of the Roadmap. Participants will review the identified technical gaps and fill in those gaps by drafting technical milestones, bottlenecks, and potential solutions.

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  • Climate and Sustainability Roadmap In-person Workshop

    This workshop is by invitation only, with a limited number of attendants. The workshop will focus on reviewing and revising our technical research roadmap to advance engineering biology tools and technologies that respond to the urgency of the climate crisis and promote long-term sustainability.

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  • EBRC 2022 Annual Meeting

    We are excited to announce the EBRC 2022 Annual Meeting at the University of California, Berkeley on May 19-20, 2022. All EBRC members in industry, government, and academia, including students and postdocs, are invited to attend.

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  • Malice Analysis at Northwestern University

    Biology is easier than ever to engineer. This reality requires researchers to take proactive steps to consider the security implications of their work. The Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC) is […]

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Engineering Biology Community Events

As a resource to the Engineering Biology community, EBRC strives to make events and activities of interest easily accessible through the calendar link below.

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  • Global Open Genetic Engineering Competition (GOGEC)

    GOGEC, a virtual conference, allows students to present their work and meet other synthetic biology students around the world without having to worry about registration fees. Projects can include any sort of synthetic biology work including engineering organisms, purely computational or software work, or building non-biological devices with biological applications.

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  • Symposium on Innovation and Education for the Bioeconomy

    Join local, state, and national leaders in education, government, and industry on October 27th, 2022 as we build a better and more sustainable future in the Appalachian Highlands.

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  • iGEM 2022 Grand Jamboree

    The iGEM Grand Jamboree is where the future of synthetic biology is showcased every year. This year, 350+ multidisciplinary teams from 40+ countries will be presenting their projects on how to solve local problems, all over the world, using synthetic biology.

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  • Precision Medicine World Conference 2022 (PMWC)

    Join the 2022 Precision Medicine World Conference on June 28-30,2022 located at the Santa Clara Convention Center! The program will include: Three-day Program Seven Simultaneous Tracks 400+ Speakers Awards Reception […]

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  • 2022 ASBMB Annual Meeting

    Join thousands of scientists from multiple disciplines with shared research interests. Present your latest findings, hear inspiring lectures, participate in workshops, and form new bonds that will help you achieve the most important work of your career. Held in conjunction with Experimental Biology.

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  • Synthetic Biology Young Speaker Series (SynBYSS)

    This virtual seminar series, held every Thursday (11-12 am US ET | 8-9 am US PT), will feature presentations by early-career professionals.

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  • Synthetic Biology Young Speaker Series (SynBYSS) nominations open!

    This virtual seminar series will feature presentations by early career professionals. Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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  • Central US Synthetic Biology Workshop – Sept 2021

    Registration and abstract submission is now open for the upcoming HYBRID Central US Synthetic Biology Workshop, Sept 9-10th. If possible, the in-person portion of the workshop will be held at […]

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