Our Members

EBRC members represent diverse perspectives of the engineering biology research community and include some of the nation’s top scientists and engineers. EBRC is comprised of Individual and Institutional Members. Individual Members are principal investigators from research institutions from across the United States and around the world. Institutional Members are organizations ranging from startups to larger, well-established biotechnology companies.

Institutional Members

Institutional Members range from small start-ups to larger, well-established biotechnology research and manufacturing companies. These organizations play a critical role in helping guide the field of engineering biology by working in a community of scientists and engineers committed to rapid advancement in the field.

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Government Engagement

EBRC activities are supported by grants and cooperative agreements with various government agencies. While representatives from these agencies play an active role in the EBRC community, the views and conclusions contained on this site are those of the EBRC and should not be interpreted as necessarily representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the departments and agencies listed below.

Council Members

Council Members are a core group of EBRC members that are responsible for implementing the vision and mission of EBRC. Council Members form the core of the EBRC working groups (serving as chairs as well as working group members), and serve on committees to fulfill EBRC governance duties.

Individual Members

Membership is open to individuals who have begun their independent research career and hold PI-level status at an academic or non-profit research institution in the United States. Members generally have published work that contributes to the field of synthetic biology and are in good standing within the community. They participate in working groups, programs, and other activities.

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Student & Postdoc Association

Are you a graduate student or postdoc doing research in engineering biology? Get involved with the EBRC Student & Postdoc Association!

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