EBRC has compiled resources for use by the engineering biology community, stakeholders and the public. Here, you can find a calendar of engineering biology community events, news, a job board, accessible information to explain synthetic/engineering biology, teaching materials, and information on diversity and inclusion including a Women in Engineering Biology speakers database. We will continue to add relevant and useful resources over time.

What is Synthetic/Engineering Biology?

Synthetic biology aims to make biology easier to engineer. Synthetic biology is the convergence of advances in chemistry, biology, computer science, and engineering that enables us to go from idea to product faster, cheaper, and with greater precision than ever before.

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  • EBRsee

    EBRsee is an initiative to curate and produce podcasts, videos, and other content on concepts in engineering biology to increase public awareness and engagement.

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  • Jobs Board

    Looking to hire? Post on our jobs board. Looking for a job? See who’s posted.

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  • Diversity Database Program

    Diversity Database

    Looking to increase diversity? Click here for a database of women in engineering biology and other resources to help increase diversity.

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  • resume book

    Private: Student & Postdoc Resume Book

    EBRC hosts a CV/resume book to connect our industry members and SPA members. Want access? Join EBRC.

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  • Education & Outreach Activities

    Workshops, short-courses, classroom activities and hands-on training opportunities to share education and training tools in engineering biology.

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  • Research Resources

    A collection of research resources for the engineering biology community.

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  • Monthly Newsletter Archive

    Read past monthly updates from EBRC.

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  • Travel Reimbursement Policy

    The Engineering Biology Research Consortium is pleased to be able to provide financial support for travel to some events and activities. Travelers may fall into one of three categories: Category […]

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