SPA Board

  • Anna Crumbley

    Anna M. Crumbley is an NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate in the BioTechnology Division of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center (CCDC CBC). She is working to develop efficient scale up processes for synthetically modified microbes generating bio-based materials. Annie received her doctorate from Rice University, in Houston, TX, and her bachelor’s from The University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa, AL, both in Chemical and Biological/Biomolecular Engineering.

  • Emily Fulk

    I am a PhD student in the Systems, Synthetic and Physical Biology program at Rice University, where I develop synthetic biology tools to understand how microbes in soils and marine sediments interact with their environments. I’m jazzed about the potential for synthetic biology to provide new options for low-carbon energy, biodegradable materials, and sustainable agriculture as well as a better understanding of Earth processes. I hope to continue in these fields throughout my career.

    While at Rice, I founded a graduate student group dedicated to promoting sustainable practices on campus and have been active in pursuing science communication and science policy experiences. Prior to graduate school, I graduated with a BS in chemical engineering from Northwestern and spent a year working at the National Renewable Energy Lab.

    My non-science alter ego specializes in educational explosions at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (where I volunteer as a docent), climbing rocks, and eating lots of snacks.

  • David Mai

  • Monica McNerney

    Monica is a postdoc at Harvard Medical School in Pam Silver’s lab, and she is using synthetic biology to make new types of mammalian cell devices. She completed a Bioengineering PhD at Georgia Tech in Mark Styczynksi’s lab, where she engineered biosensors that could serve as equipment-free, point-of-care diagnostic tools.

  • Andrew Hunt

    Andrew Hunt is a PhD student in the Jewett Lab at Northwestern University. His research centers on the use of Cell-Free Protein Synthesis to accelerate the pace of design and synthesis of new protein parts for synthetic biology. Andrew is a member of the EBRC Student and Postdoc Association Board and works as a liaison to the education working group.

  • Michael Sheets

    As a graduate student in the Dunlop Lab at Boston University, Michael uses optogenetic tools to study the development of antibiotic resistance. His current work focuses on the design & characterization of light-inducible recombinases in bacteria. He is broadly interested in using synthetic biology to combat antibiotic resistance, and incorporating the DBTL cycle into K-12 and undergraduate education.

  • Matthew Amrofell

    Matt is a synthetic biology graduate student researcher at Washington University in St. Louis in the lab of Tae Seok Moon. He engineers probiotic organisms in order to develop the next generation of safe and effective living medicines. Prior to starting graduate school, he worked in Michael Jewett’s lab at Nortwestern studying post-tranlational modifications in cell-free protein synthesis reactions. He also worked several co-op terms at Baxter Healthcare. In his (limited) spare time, Matt likes to bake (and eat!) bread, play soccer, read sci-fi/fantasy, and play with his two dogs, Loki and Baloo.

  • Kok Zhi Lee

  • Bridget Luckie

    I graduated from Clemson University in 2018 with a B.S. in Biochemistry and a B.S. in Genetics and am a rising 2nd year PhD student in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley.

  • Samuel Leach

    Sam is a 2nd year PhD student in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Northwestern University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He currently researches utilizing the type III secretion system in Salmonella for efficient, large scale biomanufacturing. He is interested in next-generation biotechnology, scale-up engineering, and science diplomacy.

  • Julie Ming Liang

    I am a graduate student in the Tullman-Ercek lab at Northwestern.

  • Lauren Gambill

    I am a graduate student in the Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology program at Rice University. I am in the Chappell Lab and build RNA regulators.

  • Kathryn Brink

    Kathryn Brink

    Kathryn Brink is a PhD student in the Tabor lab at Rice University. She is working to identify novel antimicrobials that inhibit virulence-associated two-component systems, signaling pathways that bacterial pathogens use to activate virulence genes upon entry into a host. As part of the SPA, Kathryn works with Kersh to manage the IAB-Student Mentoring program.

  • Ania Ariadna Baetica

    Ania-Ariadna Baetica

    Ania-Ariadna Baetica (Membership Liaison) is a postdoctoral fellow in the El-Samad Lab at UCSF. Her research is on the design, implementation, and analysis of synthetic biological controllers. As the membership liaison, Ania is helping to develop a community of synthetic biologists and to organize events for students and postdoctoral fellows during EBRC retreats.

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