Women in EB

  • Marilene Pavan Rodrigues

    biotechnology, synthetic biology, computational biology

  • Grace Paradise

    flavorings, natural products, chemistry, organic chemistry

  • Megan Palmer

    biosafety, biosecurity, leadership, science policy

  • Irene Otero-Muras

    computational tools for synthetic biology, automated biorcircuit design, computational systems biology, biochemical networks, optimization

  • Anne Osbourn

    plant synthetic biology, metabolic pathway engineering

  • Sarah Munro

    synthetic biology, biomedical measurement science

  • June Medford

    plant synthetic biology, synthetic biology, signal transduction, biosensors, biofuels

  • Claire Marris

    social studies of science and technology, STS, policy, risk assessment, public decisionmaking

  • Susan Marqusee

    protein engineering, protein folding, structural biology, biophysics

  • Suzanne Lee

    biomaterials, design, art-science collaboration, sustainability

  • Natalie Kuldell

    education, problem-based learning, synthetic biology, K-12

  • Radha Krishnakumar

    synthetic biology, whole genome engineering, DNA assembly, cancer therapy

  • Tanja Kortemme

    computational biology, computational tools, modeling, protein engineering

  • Outi Koivistoinen

    biotechnology, microbiology, molecular biology, bio-based chemicals, biopolymers

  • Samira Kiana

    synthetic biology, genetic devices, genetic circuits, CRISPR, genetic engineering

  • Linda Kahl

    intellectual property, ownership sharing & innovation, law

  • Betul Kacar

    ancestral sequence reconstruction, experimental evolution, phylogenetics, evolutionary biochemistry, science communication, astrobiology

  • Ellen Jorgensen

    DIYbio, citizen science, science literacy, synthetic biology, molecular biology

  • Alicia Jackson

    material engineering, nanotechnology, advanced materials, self-healing materials

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