New Releases

  • Potential Changes to the Policies for Oversight of DURC and the P3CO Policy Framework

    Publication Date: October 2023

    Potential Changes to the Policies for Oversight of Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) and the Potential Pandemic Pathogen Care and Oversight (P3CO) Policy Framework: An EBRC Response to OSTP RFI 88 FR 60513.

  • Biological Carbon Capture and Conversion

    Publication Date: July 2023

    Engineering biology applications could contribute to significant emission cuts and move us toward achieving climate goals by replacing fossil fuels and fossil fuel-derived products with biobased products, transforming agriculture and industries with the introduction of low-emission and eco-friend processes and products, and building climate resilience for urban and rural communities.

  • Microbiome Research Strategy

    Publication Date: July 2023

    Recent advances in data science and engineering biology have accelerated the capabilities of microbiome engineering research. To harness these new capabilities and boost innovation, EBRC highlights technical methods, computational tools, testbed infrastructure, and data sharing requirements are in need of federal investment. These efforts should be coordinated across the Federal Government to capitalize on momentum and bolster productivity throughout the field.

  • Biocontainment Policy in a Robust Bioeconomy

    Publication Date: July 2023

    Deployed engineering biology products have the potential to reshape our environment, agriculture, human health, and more. Such impactful applications necessitate operation outside of traditional biocontainment vessels and thus require renewed biocontainment policies. Herein, EBRC highlights emerging biocontainment research, areas for investment, and horizon scanning activities to promote safe and responsible biotechnology innovation.

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