New Releases

  • Actions to Enable an Equitable and Innovative U.S. Bioeconomy

    Publication Date: May 2022

    The fourth industrial revolution will likely be fueled by operationalizing biomanufacturing and engineering biology. Critical to realizing the benefits of these opportunities will be a diverse workforce and ensuring that the benefits of biotechnology will be equitably dispersed across the United States. In this policy paper, Albert Hinman discusses workforce development, resource cultivation, and open science opportunities for a more inclusive and equitable bioeconomy.

  • Security Screening in Synthetic DNA Synthesis: Recommendations for Updated Federal Guidance

    Publication Date: April 2022

    EBRC recommendations for increasing security in the synthetic DNA synthesis industry.

  • Translational Research for Breakthrough Technologies: Advancing Engineering Biology to Address Societal Needs at NSF

    Publication Date: April 2022

    As NSF establishes its new Directorate for Technology, Innovation and Partnerships to translate research into practical applications, the agency has abundant opportunity to boldly support engineering biology research towards transformational, use-inspired technologies to grow and expand the U.S. bioeconomy. EBRC provides recommendations for the new Directorate to support the translation of fundamental engineering biology research results, establish infrastructure to transform tools into technologies, and to enable cross-disciplinary and entrepreneurial research, education, and training.

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