New Releases

  • Public Comment on Oligo Synthesis Screening

    Publication Date: June 2022

    EBRC’s response to the request by HHS ASPR for comments on the Screening Framework Guidance for Providers and Users of Synthetic Oligonucleotides. EBRC convened a two-day workshop with stakeholders from academia, industry, and government to consider the Guidance, and the discussions that ensued formed the basis for this response.

  • Actions to Enable an Equitable and Innovative U.S. Bioeconomy

    Publication Date: May 2022

    The fourth industrial revolution will likely be fueled by operationalizing biomanufacturing and engineering biology. Critical to realizing the benefits of these opportunities will be a diverse workforce and ensuring that the benefits of biotechnology will be equitably dispersed across the United States. In this policy paper, Albert Hinman discusses workforce development, resource cultivation, and open science opportunities for a more inclusive and equitable bioeconomy.

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