Education, Workforce, and Engagement

  • Introduction to Engineering Biology: A Conceptual Framework for Teaching Synthetic Biology

    Publication Date: June 2023 | Originally published in ACS Synthetic Biology

    This publication is a companion piece to our Introduction to Engineering Biology curriculum module that was created and released in 2022.

  • Development of a Workforce to Support a Distributed, Equitable Bioeconomy

    Publication Date: December 2022

    The development of biotechnologies that will usher in a more sustainable and healthier future require a talented, trained workforce that reflects the diversity of America. The bioeconomy will rely on the distribution of opportunity geographically, demographically, and across the workforce spectrum.

  • Educating the Next-Generation Bioeconomy Workforce

    Publication Date: December 2022

    A robust and distributed bioeconomy requires a skilled, diverse workforce. We describe opportunities and recommendations for improving education and training of the next-generation of biotechnology leaders.

  • Revising Legacy Approaches to Biology Education

    Publication Date: December 2022

    To remain globally competitive and prepare our citizens for the jobs of the future, we must rethink how we teach biology. There is an important role for the federal government to improve the way educational programs are designed, the way companies manage their hiring processes, and the way current and future employees find training throughout their careers.

  • YouTube resources for synthetic biology education

    Publication Date: September 2019 | Originally published in Synthetic Biology.

    EBRC aims to serve as a resource for disseminating educational content and resources for engineering/synthetic biology. This article shares information about the compilation of publicly produced and accessible videos on YouTube for audiences interested in learning more about the field. Six playlists are described in the publication: Synthetic biology overview, Synthetic biology concepts, Synthetic biology teaching or public lectures, Synthetic biology research lectures, Synthetic biology in the lab, and iGEM. These playlists and the resulting publication were created by Aaron Dy, a former EBRC Student and Postdoc Association member, to share with the EBRC and wider community.

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