Publications – New Releases

  • Addressing the Climate Crisis Through Engineering Biology

    Publication Date: February 2024 | Originally published in npj Climate Action.

    A companion piece to Engineering Biology for Climate & Sustainability: A Research Roadmap for a Cleaner Future, this publication features discussion of engineering biology research and development opportunities to impact climate change and long-term environmental sustainability, including why and how engineering biology and subsequent biotechnologies should be among the most prominent of approaches to overcoming the climate crisis. This publication also helps to contextualize the roadmap and advancement in engineering biology with broader policy, investment, and social considerations.

  • Security Considerations at the Intersection of Engineering Biology and Artificial Intelligence

    Publication Date: November 2023

    This white paper describes three areas at the intersection of engineering biology and artificial intelligence that may yield significant security concerns: de novo biological design, closed-loop autonomous laboratories, and natural language Large Language Models. It describes each area, identifies potential security concerns, and offers ideas for the potential mitigation of those concerns, ultimately calling for an international forum to continually address this evolving issue.

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