Publications – Roadmaps

  • An Assessment of Short-Term Milestones in EBRC’s 2019 Roadmap, Engineering Biology

    Publication Date: March 2023

    The 2019 EBRC roadmap, Engineering Biology: A Research Roadmap for the Next-Generation Bioeconomy, extensively cataloged the potential for progress in the field, setting out numerous goals, possible breakthroughs, and ambitious milestones for the following 20 years. As we approached and passed the first milestone timepoint at 2-years post publication, EBRC sought to review progress in the field, compared against the advancements anticipated by the roadmap. This resulting Assessment reports on technical achievements and advancements and to barriers to progress, enabling the community to reflect on its achievements and identify areas for additional investment and infrastructure to ensure continued advancement.

  • Engineering Biology for Climate & Sustainability

    Publication Date: September 2022

    EBRC’s technical roadmap, Engineering Biology for Climate & Sustainability: A Research Roadmap for a Cleaner Future, is a critical assessment of opportunities for engineering biology to contribute to tackling the climate crisis and long-term sustainability of products and solutions for health and well-being of Earth and its inhabitants. The roadmap is comprised of six themes that detail breakthroughs and milestones for engineering biology for climate and sustainability.

  • Interim Report: Climate and Sustainability Roadmap

    Publication Date: November 2021

    This roadmap identifies research opportunities for adaptation and mitigation that respond to the urgency of the climate crisis, explores ambitious research goals for precipitating a greener future, and discusses the ethical and social considerations for engineering biology for a robust and resilient climate and long-term sustainability.


    Engineering Biology & Materials Science

    Publication Date: January 2021

    This technical roadmap assesses the challenges and potential for innovation at the intersection of engineering biology and materials science. The roadmap provides a high-level path for research and development to enable a future of advanced materials and envisions creative and ambitious material solutions to persistent societal challenges that leverage the opportunities and advantages of harnessing and integrating engineered biology.


    Engineering Microbiomes – Looking Ahead

    Publication Date: December 2021 | Originally published in ACS Synthetic Biology.

    A companion piece to Microbiome Engineering, this publication highlights the technologies and applications imagined by the roadmap. This publication features a focus on the Distributed Metabolism technical theme and provides compelling examples of how engineered microbiomes might contribute to foods, human health, and transforming the environment.



    Microbiome Engineering

    Publication Date: October 2020

    This technical roadmap is a critical assessment of the current state of microbiome engineering and areas of anticipated research and development in the next twenty years. It also details how those scientific advancements can be applied across different industry sectors. Microbiome Engineering: A Research Roadmap for the Next-Generation Bioeconomy aims to provide a forward-looking examination of both the short- and long-term needs for microbiome engineering, to help scientists and policymakers fully utilize microbiome engineering.


    Enabling Defense Applications through Engineering Biology

    Publication Date: June 2020

    This technical roadmap describes opportunities and advantages in engineering biology to build new materials for diverse systems, enable new methods for sensing, monitoring, and communicating, protect humans from harsh environments and combat mission states, and build resilience to evolving threats.


    Engineering Biology

    Publication Date: June 2019

    EBRC’s inaugural roadmap, Engineering Biology: A Research Roadmap for the Next-Generation Bioeconomy, is a critical assessment of the status and potential of engineering biology. It is intended to provide researchers and other stakeholders (including government funders) with a compelling set of technical challenges and opportunities in the near and long term. The roadmap does so through four technical themes encompassing fundamental research and five application sectors tackling significant societal challenges.

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