• Biodesign in the Era of Automation

    Zach Serber, CSO and one of the founders of Zymergen, gives an hour-long webinar with the hundreds of students and mentors for 2019’s Biodesign Challenge. He spoke on the need for bio-based materials in the face of dwindling petroleum supplies and climate change; the potential of bio-processes for creating new and superior products with increased molecular diversity; and the new methods being used to design microbes to make these products at useful scales.

  • Complete lesson or course (package): Biochemical Engineering: Molecular engineering course materials

  • Skype A Scientist

    Skype a Scientist matches scientists with classrooms around the world!

  • Syllabus: Protein Engineering Syllabus (Northwestern CBE 395)

  • Homework or recitation worksheets: Protein Engineering Design Challenges

  • Synthetic and Systems Biology Summer School

  • BioBuilder

  • iBiology

  • STEM Pathways

  • The Virtual Bioengineer

  • Research Experience for Teachers (RET)

  • iGEM

  • Bioresponsive art

  • Freshman Research Initiative

  • Cold Spring Harbor Synthetic Biology Summer Course

  • LEAP (Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program)

  • Three course synthetic biology sequence

  • SynBREU

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