Climate and Sustainability Roadmap Virtual Writing Workshop 1: July 28th

Wednesday, July 28, 2021
2:00pm-5:00pm ET | 11:00am-2:00pm PT

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Agenda: Click here

We are excited to engage with EBRC members and the broader research community on this important roadmapping effort. We welcome workshop participation from academic, industry, and government scientists and engineers, research & development leadership, students and postdocs, and other stakeholders.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Discuss and brainstorm engineering biology solutions for the following areas:
      a) addressing the climate crisis, including mitigating greenhouse gasses and responding and adapting to the negative impacts of climate change;
      b) addressing environmental challenges, including pollution mitigation and remediation, restoration, and rehabilitation of ecosystems;
      c) promoting sustainability, through the sustainable production of materials and goods and the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Identify and describe which challenges can be addressed by engineering biology.
  • Discuss and draft how engineering biology could address those challenges, through a framework of technical themes.

For more information about the roadmap or workshop, please contact Sifang Chen (