Curriculum Modules

With many of our EBRC members directly involved in University and Graduate-level education, we recognize the need for additional, up-to-date teaching resources and materials for engineering/synthetic biology.

This initiative aims to build on existing resources to produce agile, adaptable curriculum modules for course instructors and assistants. Spearheaded by the Education Working Group, EBRC is producing dynamic, modular coursework – including classwork, laboratory protocols and data analysis guides, homework, recitation and reading material, and quiz and exam materials – on select topics in Synthetic/Engineering Biology. The modules are being designed to be taught by instructors who may not be experts in the topic, or those that would like to update their teaching content.

In development – more coming soon. If you’d like to contribute to a curriculum module or would like to see a module on a specific topic, or if you’d like to beta-test module(s) in production, please let us know.


  • Curriculum Module: Introduction to Engineering Biology

    A set of lecture slides covering the basics of engineering biology, including methodology, core tools, and impacts.

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  • Curriculum Module: Synthetic Biology and Machine Learning

    A collection of six discussions with researchers who work at the interface of synthetic biology and machine learning.

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