Microbiome Engineering (October 2020)

A Research Roadmap for the Next-Generation Bioeconomy

The EBRC roadmap Microbiome Engineering: A Research Roadmap for the Next-Generation Bioeconomy is a critical assessment of the current state of microbiome engineering and areas of anticipated research and development in the next twenty years. It also details how those scientific advancements can be applied across different industry sectors. This roadmap aims to serve as a “go-to” resource for scientists working to engineer microbiomes, as well as policymakers interested in advancing microbiome engineering. Microbiome Engineering examines technical progress needed to advance microbiome engineering (Technical Themes) and details how these advances can be used to develop engineered microbiomes for specific applications (Application Sectors).

Visit roadmap.ebrc.org/2020-roadmap-microbiomes to view or print the roadmap.