Engineering Biology & Materials Science (January 2021)

A Research Roadmap for Interdisciplinary Innovation

Engineering Biology & Materials Science: A Research Roadmap for Interdisciplinary Innovation assesses the challenges and potential for innovation at the intersection of engineering biology and materials science. Through explicit, long-term breakthrough capabilities for scientific and technological achievement and discrete milestones over a time period of 20 years, this roadmap aims to bring together the foundations and advancements in both fields to create new scientific and engineering possibilities. Further, the roadmap envisions creative and ambitious material solutions to persistent societal challenges that leverage the opportunities and advantages of harnessing and integrating engineered biology. The roadmap provides a high-level path for research and development (and inherently, for funding, investment, and infrastructure) to enable a future of advanced materials. The roadmap incorporates elements of EBRC’s other roadmaps, while accommodating the nuances and novelties of the intersection of materials science and engineering biology.

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