Formulation & Delivery US 2023

Join leaders, experts and researchers at West Coast’s scientific Hub – San Diego, delivering breakthrough research, technologies & connecting global pharma, biotech and academia for high-level discussions on the latest innovations in formulation, drug delivery & inhaled science.

Formulation & Delivery US 2023 features 2 outstanding programmes, bringing together key opinion leaders under one roof. The events provide a unique networking platform which consists of vital discussion topics in: Formulation & Drug Delivery and Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery.

Speakers Include:
Arvinder Dhalla (Vice President, Clinical Development, Rani Therapeutics)
Charlie (Xiaolin) Tang (Director in Formulation Development, Regeneron)
Gian Luca Araldi (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Avanti Biosciences)
Grace Yu (President & Chief Executive Officer, Trilogy Therapeutics)
Stephen Pham (Vice President, Product Development, Avalyn Pharma)
Theresa Scheuble (Head of Enterprise Design & Innovation, Johnson & Johnson)