Skokie, Illinois
Company size: 200 worldwide
Anticipated number of internship positions: 2

Opportunity for remote/virtual internship in 2022: yes, though in-person preferred

About LanzaTech

Mission-driven LanzaTech is a revolutionary solution to climate change, capturing pollution to clean our skies and oceans and create new high value products for a sustainable future. LanzaTech has pioneered and commercialized cutting-edge carbon recycling technology based on proprietary engineered anaerobic microbes and a novel gas fermentation process to make fuels and chemicals, including sustainable jet fuel and products you use every day from a wide range of waste stream.

LanzaTech is operating several commercial units world-wide and headquartered in the Chicago area. LanzaTech has a cross-functional team of Synthetic Biologists, Metabolic Engineers, Enzymologists, Fermentation Scientists, Computational Scientists, Data Scientists, Process Engineers, Analytical Scientists and Chemists and state-of-the-art laboratories including an anaerobic biofoundry, an automation suite, molecular biology and analytical labs, as well as a fermentation suite and pilot reactors.

LanzaTech has won multiple awards and been rated the #1 Hottest company and #3 Best Company to work for in the Advanced Bioecomony by Biofuels Digest. LanzaTech is committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as part of our mission, culture & core values.


Internship Project Description

–This description represents a potential internship project and is subject to change.–

(Updated 9/20/2021)

We are seeking interns with interest in metabolic engineering, genome engineering, automation, enzymology, computational biology or data science/modelling to work in a cross-functional team. Projects may include:

  • Development and application of Synthetic Biology tools and workflows (including genome editing tools, library and screening workflows, automation workflows, genetic switches, biosensors, NGS workflows, cell-free applications, etc)
  • Pathway and host engineering for production of new molecules (e.g. combinatorial pathway libraries, metabolic engineering, mutagenesis, enzyme screening/engineering, proof of concept for synthesis of new products, etc)
  • Computational work (e.g. design algorithms, data analysis and processing, modelling).