Skokie, Illinois
Company size: 170 worldwide
Anticipated number of internship positions: 2

Opportunity for remote/virtual internship in 2021: yes, though in-person preferred

About LanzaTech

Mission-driven, LanzaTech is a revolutionary solution to climate change, capturing pollution to clean our skies and oceans and create new high value products for a sustainable future. LanzaTech has pioneered and commercialized cutting-edge carbon recycling technology based on proprietary engineered anaerobic microbes and a novel gas fermentation process to make fuels and chemicals, including sustainable jet fuel and products you use every day. LanzaTech has a cross-functional team of Synthetic Biologists, Metabolic Engineers, Enzymologists, Fermentation Scientists, Computational Scientists, Data Scientists, Process Engineers, Analytical Scientists and Chemists and a state-of-the-art research facility in the Chicago area that features a unique anaerobic biofoundry, automation, enzymology, molecular biology and analytical labs, as well as several fermentation suites and pilot reactors. LanzaTech has won multiple awards and been rated the #1 Hottest company and #3 Best Company to work for in the Advanced Bioecomony by Biofuels Digest. LanzaTech is committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as part of our mission, culture & core values.

Internship Project Description

–This description represents a potential internship project and is subject to change.–

(Updated 10/28/2020)

We are seeking interns with interest in metabolic engineering, genome engineering, automation, enzymology and/or computational biology to work in a cross-functional team. Projects may include development and application of Synthetic Biology tools and workflows (including genome editing tools, library and screening workflows, automation workflows, genetic switches, biosensors, NGS workflows, etc), pathway and host engineering for production of new molecules (e.g. combinatorial pathway libraries, metabolic engineering, mutagenesis, etc), prototyping of enzymes (e.g. enzyme assays and screens, cell- free prototyping, enzyme engineering, etc) or computational work (e.g. design algorithms, data analysis and processing).