Skokie, Illinois

Company size: 315 worldwide

Anticipated number of internship positions: 4

Opportunity for remote/virtual internship in 2023: On-site internships strongly preferred, but opportunity for remote computational internships

About LanzaTech

LanzaTech is the world leader in gas fermentation and the forefront of carbon-negative biomanufacturing. The company has developed a revolutionary carbon recycling technology based on synthetic biology, AI and bioprocessing. LanzaTech’s platform utilizes CO 2 fixing microbes to convert an array of industrial off gases from heavy industry, gasified biomass or municipal waste and CO 2 into useful products such as fuels, chemicals and materials. LanzaTech is operating several commercial plants around the globe, demonstrated production of over 100 molecules and has partnerships with leading global brands such as Unilever, BASF, Danone, On Running, Zara, Lululemon, Givaudan, etc. Our cross-collaborative organization is driven by scientists with a passion for sustainability and specializations in the fields of synthetic biology, biochemistry, lab automation, fermentation, computational biology and AI, process and chemical engineering.


Internship Project Description

–This description represents a potential internship project and is subject to change.–

(Updated 10/21/22)

LanzaTech is looking for motivated students with interest and experience in synthetic biology, automation, enzyme engineering, gas fermentation, adaptive laboratory evolution, systems biology, computational biology, artificial intelligence, process engineering and chemical engineering. Projects include development of new genetic tools or high-throughput workflows, metabolic engineering and modelling, engineering of new strains or enzymes, adaptative laboratory evolution (ALE) using classical microbiological principles and state of art automation for strain selection and analysis, development of new models or algoithms in cross-functional project teams with guidance and mentorship from leaders within the company. LanzaTech has partnered with the EBRC since the inception of the program with previous internship projects have been focused on: CRISPR tools, biosensors, transcriptional elements, metabolic engineering, protein engineering, materials development, artificial intelligence, and sequencing analysis. Interns will have an immersive experience and the ability to look into the cross-functional teams within LanzaTech.