Malice Analysis: September 2020 Virtual Workshops

September, 2020 | Virtual

EBRC is hosting several Malice Analysis Workshops during the month of September to train researchers to critically evaluate the security implications of their research. Pick the workshop time and date that fits your schedule and join us!

As engineering biology becomes increasingly powerful, the research community must continually evaluate its own work to identify developments of potential concern. The goal of Malice Analysis Workshop is to make the consideration of security a regular part of the responsible conduct of research. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to roughly assess engineering biology research for security concerns, understand some reporting options and resources for guidance, and possess strategies for discussing concerns. While a fine introduction to security aspects of engineering biology, this workshop is not intended to create experts nor induce paranoia. Rather it aims to highlight and contextualize potential security issues arising from engineering biology research.

During the workshop, participants will: learn some of the history of biowarfare and the need for a security mindset, work in small groups to analyze their work and the work of their peers for security concerns using an analytical framework, and report back to the larger group in a 2-5 minute lightning talk. To facilitate the small group work, we ask each participant to submit a brief (4-10 sentences) description of their research in advance of the workshop, such that anyone in engineering biology research can understand it. Those early in their projects and those conducting classified research are welcome to submit an abstract from a peer reviewed publication, so long as they are prepared to discuss that work within their breakout group. You can view a detailed agenda here.

Wednesday September 9, 2020:    9am – 1pm Pacific / 12 – 4pm Eastern
Wednesday September 16, 2020:  9am – 1pm Pacific / 12 – 4pm Eastern
Friday September 18, 2020:            7 – 11am Pacific / 10am – 2pm Eastern
Monday September 21, 2020:        9:30am – 1:30pm Pacific / 12:30 – 4:30pm Eastern
Wednesday September 23, 2020:  7 – 11am Pacific / 10am – 2pm Eastern