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Diversity of people and thought is woven into EBRC’s fabric and key to research advancement in academia, industry, government, and non-profit research institutions. Engineering biology’s ambitious aims can only be realized by a research community whose diversity reflects that of the communities it endeavors to benefit. It is the responsibility of every member of EBRC to consider, develop, and advance practices that best promote diversity and inclusion. EBRC provides diversity and inclusion resources to our community, including a database of women speakers, “Women in Engineering Biology”, and STEM-focused diversity and inclusion blogs, websites and articles.

Women in Engineering Biology

EBRC encourages organizers of scientific meetings, scientific review panels, and university symposia/lecture series to have a balanced representation of women and men. Recognizing that balanced gender representation at the podium or in the review process makes for a better and more interesting outcome, EBRC provides organizers with a list of outstanding women in relevant fields to consider as invitees and reviewers.

Suggestion Box

NameAffiliationLocationAreas of Expertise
Alanna SchepartzUC BerkeleyBerkeley, CAchemical biology, synthetic biology, ribosome engineering, protein delivery
Alexandra Daisy GinsbergRoyal College of Art, LondonLondon, Englandart-science collaboration, interdisciplinary collaborations, design
Alicia JacksonDrawbridge HealthSan Francisco, CAmaterial engineering, nanotechnology, advanced materials, self-healing materials
Angela BelcherMITCambridge, MAdirected evolution, material engineering, hybrid materials, self-assembly, electronic materials, magnetic materials
Anne MeyerUniversity of RochesterRochester, NY3D bacteria printing, bacterial production of materials, engineered biofilms
Anne OsbournJohn Innes CentreNorwich, Englandplant synthetic biology, metabolic pathway engineering
Arti RaiDuke UniversityDurham, NCintellectual property, policy, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals
Betul KacarNASA Astrobiology Institute and Georgia TechBoston, MAancestral sequence reconstruction, experimental evolution, phylogenetics, evolutionary biochemistry, science communication, astrobiology
Caroline Ajo-FranklinBerkeley LabBerkeley, CAcarbon capture, bio-solar energy generation, electronic materials, mineralization of carbonates, self assembly of S-layer proteins, nanostructure assembly
Caroline PeresDuPont (Genencor)Palo Alto, CAmicrobial physiology, fermentation engineering, metabolic engineering, molecular biology
Carolyn BertozziStanford UniversityStanford, CAbioorthogonal chemistry, glycomics, biochemistry, organic synthesis, biopolymers, cell-cell communication
Christina AgapakisGinkgo BioworksCambridge, MAsynthetic biology, microbial ecology, art-science collaboration, science communication
Claire MarrisKing's College LondonLondon, Englandsocial studies of science and technology, STS, policy, risk assessment, public decisionmaking
Claudia VickersCSIROBrisbane, Australiasynthetic biology, metabolic engineering, isoprenoids, terpenoids, yeast
Cosima Dufour-SchroifL'OrealÎle-de-France, Francemetabolic engineering, pharmaceuticals
Cynthia CollinsRPITroy, NYsynthetic biology, quorum sensing, biofilm formation, cell-cell communication, directed evolution
Danielle Tullman-ErcekNorthwesternEvanston, ILProtein engineering, microbial systems, virus-like particles, biomaterials, compartmentalization, secretion
Deepti TanjoreLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Domitilla Del VecchioMITCambridge, MAcontrol theory, computational tools, genetic circuits, biological networks, feedback control
Elisa FrancoUCLALos Angeles, CADNA and RNA nanotechnology, feedback systems
Ellen JorgensenGenspace NYCBrooklyn, NYDIYbio, citizen science, science literacy, synthetic biology, molecular biology
Emily BalskusHarvard UniversityCambridge, MAmicrobial chemistry, microbial communities, human microbiota, novel enzymes, biocompatible chemistry
Emma FrowArizona State UniversityEdinburgh, Englandsynthetic biology, science & technology studies, engineering studies, standard-setting, design and values
Francesca CeroniImperial College LondonLondon, Englandgenetic devices, design rules, microRNAs
Gigi GronvallJohns Hopkins Center for Health Security
Grace ParadiseGivaudan FlavorsCincinnati, OHflavorings, natural products, chemistry, organic chemistry
Heba SailemUnivrsity of OxfordLondonPhenotypic screening, Image analysis, Cancer Biology, Deep Learning, Multi-omics, Multiplexing
Irene Otero-MurasIIM-CSIC Spanish National Research Council36209 Vigo, Spaincomputational tools for synthetic biology, automated biorcircuit design, computational systems biology, biochemical networks, optimization
Jackie QuinnGoogleSan Francisco, CAbioengineering, design languages, computer aided design, computational tools
Jaline GerardinIntellectual VenturesSeattle, WAbiological sciences, biochemistry, biophysics, models, antimalarial drugs, systems biology, computational biology
Jane CalvertUniversity of EdinburghEdinburgh, Englandscience and technology studies, sociology of science, philosophy of biology, science policy, engineering studies, synthetic biology, systems biology
Jennifer DoudnaUC BerkeleyBerkeley, CACRISPR, translational control, RNAi
Joanna AizenbergHarvard UniversityCambridge, MAbioinspired materials, slippery surfaces, adaptive hybrid architectures, self-assembly, bionanointerfaces, crystal growth, nanostructured surfaces
Joelle PelletierUniversity of MontrealMontreal, QB, Canadamolecular modeling, enzymology, protein engineering, directed evolution
June MedfordColorado State UniversityFort Collins, CAplant synthetic biology, synthetic biology, signal transduction, biosensors, biofuels
Karmella Haynes-FarrellArizona State UniversityTempe, AZepigenetics, transcription factors, chromatin engineering
Kate GallowayMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridge, MAgene circuits, cellular reprogramming, cell-fate engineering
Kathleen VogelNorth Carolina State UniversityDurham, NCpolicy, biosecurity, defense applications
Kristala PratherMITCambridge, MAmetabolic engineering, metabolic flux, bioprocess engineering
Laura SegatoriRice UniversityHouston, TXgene circuits, unfolded protein response
Linda ChriseyU.S. Office of Naval ResearchArlington, VAbiosensors, biomaterials, novel circuits, defense applications
Linda GriffithMITCambridge, MAsystems engineering, tissue engineering, drug development, biomaterials, scaffolds
Linda KahlBioBricks FoundationStanford, CAintellectual property, ownership sharing & innovation, law
Maitreya DunhamUniversity of WashingtonSeattle, WAgenome evolution, experimental evolution, yeast, comparative genomics
Marilene Pavan RodriguesBoston UniversityBoston, MAbiotechnology, synthetic biology, computational biology
Mary DunlopBoston UniversityBoston, MAcontrol theory, stochastic gene expression, gene regulatory networks, feedback
Megan PalmerStanford UniversityStanford, CAbiosafety, biosecurity, leadership, science policy
Melissa RhoadsLockheed MartinWashington, DCbiological sciences, cell and molecular biology, project management, systems engineering, technical writing, team building
Michele GarfinkleEMBOWashington, DCscience policy, scientific publishing, stem cell policy, genomic technologies, research integrity
Michelle ChangUC BerkeleyBerkeley, CAmetabolic pathway engineering, biofuels, biochemistry, chemical biology, synthetic biology, pharmaceuticals
Natalie KuldellBioBuilder FoundationCambridge, MAeducation, problem-based learning, synthetic biology, K-12
Outi KoivistoinenVTT Technology for BusinessEspoo, Finlandbiotechnology, microbiology, molecular biology, bio-based chemicals, biopolymers
Pamela Peralta-YahyaGeorgia TechAltanta, GAmetabolic engineering, chemical synthesis, biosensors, biofuels, alkaloids, microbial synthesis
R. Alta CharoUniversity of Wisconsin
Radha KrishnakumarIntrexon CorporationWashington, DCsynthetic biology, whole genome engineering, DNA assembly, cancer therapy
Renee WegrzynGinkgo BioworksBoston, MAbiosecurity, bioeconomy, pandemics, gene editing, gene therapies, biofoundries, diagnostics
Samira KianaArizona State UniversityTempe, AZsynthetic biology, genetic devices, genetic circuits, CRISPR, genetic engineering
Sarah MunroNISTStanford, CAsynthetic biology, biomedical measurement science
Stephanie CullerGenomaticaSan Diego, CAmetabolic engineering, synthetic biology, sustainable chemical production, applied microbiology, systems biology, RNA splicing, microbiology
Susan MarquseeUC BerkeleyBerkeley, CAprotein engineering, protein folding, structural biology, biophysics
Suzanne LeeModern MeadowBrooklyn, NYbiomaterials, design, art-science collaboration, sustainability
Tanja KortemmeUCSFSan Francisco, CAcomputational biology, computational tools, modeling, protein engineering
Theresa GoodU.S. National Science FoundationWashington, DCsynthetic biology, NSF, policy, government, research strategy
Yvonne ChenUCLALos Angeles, CAsynthetic biology, novel circuits, mammalian systems, cell-based cancer therapy, T-cells, cancer therapy

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