Space Health Roadmap In-person Workshop 1

This workshop is by invitation only, with a limited number of attendees. This active writing workshop will focus on drafting our technical research roadmap to advance engineering biology tools and technologies for human health and well-being in space and related application opportunities on Earth.

Registration for this workshop is now closed.

Detailed Agenda Coming Soon! The workshop will be held at the J. Craig Venter Institute in La Jolla, CA. Participants can expect the workshop to run from 8:00am-5:00pm on December 14, and 8:00am-3:00pm on December 15.

Workshop Objectives

  • Participants will identify and discuss opportunities for advancement in engineering biology to support the health and well-being of human travelers to space, including applications in food and nutrition, medicine, and environmental control.
  • Participants will directly contribute to the roadmap by drafting roadmap elements, including breakthrough capabilities, milestones, and discrete technical challenges.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to network and share ideas with fellow researchers across disciplines, opening the door to future collaborations and partnerships.

Travel Support and Meeting Hotel:
We anticipate covering travel expenses for academics, including students and postdocs. Please see EBRC’s full travel policy here.

Hotel information coming soon. Please indicate on the registration page if you anticipate needing hotel accommodations. If your travel is not covered by EBRC, you can provide payment at check-in. Please contact with any questions.

For more information about the roadmap or workshop, please contact Emily (