Workshops on Engineering Biology Metrics and Technical Standards for the Global Bioeconomy

Multiple Dates | Multiple Locations

EBRC is co-hosting three regional workshops to identify stakeholder-driven metrics, metrology, and standards to enhance the performance of engineering biology for commercial and industrial activity, with a focus on the needs of start-ups and small companies that are working to bring a tool or product to market. Highlighted topics include supporting translation and scale-up capabilities, improving reproducibility, and enabling clear regulatory frameworks. The information gathered in these workshops will lay the groundwork to establish necessary metrics and open voluntary standards for engineering biology that enable the rapid growth and success of the bioeconomy.

Workshops are by invitation only and will be held in person. If you are interested in attending a regional workshop, please reach out to EBRC at

Americas workshop
Washington D.C.
7-9 June 2023

Asia/Australia workshop
29-31 August 2023

Europe/Africa workshop
25-27 September 2023


Americas Workshop Summary 

Hosted by the Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Americas Workshop was the first in a series of three, aiming to capture the diverse needs of experts representing the engineering biology industries in the Americas, Asia and Australia, and Europe. The Americas workshop welcomed around 60 attendees from North and South America representing industry, academia, and the U.S. federal government. Participants engaged in passionate and thoughtful dialogue about what standards and metrics are needed in their industries and fields. The technical content consisted of a day of brief presentations interspersed with panel and audience discussions on topics including upstream processing, downstream processing, scale up, data sharing, process development, and more; and a day of breakout sessions that enabled more in-depth discussions on those topics, and beyond. Details of the workshop discussions will be made available in the final strategic report after the conclusion of all three workshops, so as to not bias discussions in one region with priorities from another. This project is led by the Task Force on Engineering Biology Metrics and Technical Standards for the Global Bioeconomy.

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