• March 6, 2023

    EBRC 2023 Annual Meeting

    We are excited to announce that registration for the EBRC 2023 Annual Meeting at Northwestern University on June 5-6, 2023 is now open. Registration is open to all EBRC members and their lab members, all employees of Industry Member companies, Student & Postdoc Association members, and our government colleagues. We are also pleased to welcome all faculty, researchers, and trainees at Northwestern’s Center for Synthetic Biology to register and attend.

  • Gene Therapy Development & Manufacturing 2023

    Gene Therapy Development & Manufacturing 2023 delivers in-depth discussion on optimised process strategies and technologies for the successful technical development and manufacture of advanced gene therapy products.

  • NextGen Omics US 2023

    Bringing together leading omics experts from around the world and comprised of three outstanding programmes, delegates can expect to benefit from critical discussions in the future of Next Generation Sequencing, Multi-omic Single Cell & Spatial Analyses and Genome editing in Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Development.

    The 2023 event again brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative data and industry outlook.

    Below are some of the confirmed speakers of NextGen Omics US 2023.

    Timothy Dahlem, Director of Systems Biology at Recursion Pharmaceuticals

    Kamel Khalili, Laura H. Carnell Professor and Chair Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

    Kalina Hristova, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Institute for NanoBioTechnology at John Hopkins University

    Guo-Cheng Yuan, Professor of Computational Biology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

    Tirtha Chakraborty, Chief Scientific Officer at Vor Biopharma

    Sandra Smieszek, Head of Genetics at Vanda Pharmaceuticals

  • Sustainable Chemistry 2023

    An innovative 2 day meeting brings together a panel of over 150 prominent leaders and scientists, exploring Sustainable Chemistry, aiming to innovate processes to improve product performance whilst delivering environmental benefits.

    Discuss the latest advancements in innovative approaches to sustainable drug development and manufacturing process.

    Engage in scientific discussions paving the way towards sustainable chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry and chemical process development.

    Dive into the latest technologies driving down pharma sector emissions by implementing “green-by-design” in early drug development phase pipeline projects.

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the peptides and oligonucleotides sustainability landscape; key sessions include application and technology areas.

    Join a series of workshops, roundtables, and panel discussions to collaborate with your peers. 2023 sessions include: Greener Peptides, Green Chemical Synthesis, Chemistry in Water, Green Medicinal Chemistry and Green Manufacturing

  • Biologics 2023

    Engage with esteemed pharmaceutical & biotech representatives as well as thought-leaders from academic & research institutions onsite and benefit from attending over 60 presentations. We will be welcoming onsite over 300 delegates for two days of cutting-edge scientific sessions and case studies bringing the latest biologics developments to the forefront of research

  • Immuno UK: In Person

    A two-day event packed with leading speakers, research and cutting-edge presentations on the latest advancements in cancer immunotherapy, with dedicated sessions on different therapeutic modalities as well as case studies on innovative preclinical and translational tools.

  • Biomarkers 2023

    Biomarkers 2023, designed to provide forward-looking insights into the latest trends and tools impacting biomarker research, it brings together leading experts from global pharmaceutical organisations, innovative biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions working across multiple therapeutic areas and stages of drug development.

    It includes over 90 cutting-edge presentations and discussion sessions, 8+ hours of valuable networking sessions and an exhibition hall showcasing 50+ vendor companies.

  • EBRC SPA Presents Data and Engineering Biology: Operating at the Technical Interface

    The EBRC Student and Postdoc Association is hosting a Data and Engineering Biology: Operating at the Technical Interface panel event, where researchers can connect with professionals who operate and lead within ‘data-centric’ bioengineering companies.

    Panelists will discuss 1) transitioning from their PhD to industry, 2) details about their current role, and 3) which data-specific skills are valued in their organization. The discussion will also cover how lab automation, data science, or DevOps platforms drive overall biology objectives at their companies. Join us virtually on December 6th, 2022 (2-3pm ET |11-12pm PT) on GatherTown by registering here.

    Click here to view our flyer.

    Please contact Eric South ( if you have any questions.

    Panelist Biographies

    Diana Koulechova, Ph.D.
    Diana is a Senior Scientist at Tierra Biosciences, where she works to improve and expand their cell-free protein synthesis platform, affecting their internal slogan of “Proteins for All.” Prior to joining Tierra, she developed processes and methods in biologics downstream development at the immunoncology company Agenus, and also prototyped a continuous processing system for biologics manufacturing at the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim. She received her PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from University of California, Berkeley and has been in a variety of biochemistry fields ranging from homing endonucleases, protein folding, and somatosensation in C. elegans.

    Ben Gordon, Ph.D.
    Ben is a Senior Director of Research at Asimov Inc. and a Director at the MIT / Broad Synthetic Biology Foundry. He has extensive experience in both managing and leading teams in computer-aided synthetic biology. Ben received a Ph.D. in Computational Biophysical Chemistry from Caltech, where he conducted work on computational protein design and engineering. He later became a Postdoctoral Associate at the Whitehead Institute and then a Principal Scientist and Strategic Collaborations Manager at Agilent Technologies. Ben is also a Program Manager at BioMADE – a Bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

    Naomi Handly, Ph.D.
    Naomi is a quantitative cell biologist by training. At Octant, she’s had several roles including recruiting, establishing the OA program, building Octant HQ, demonstrating Octant’s multiplexed platform technology, building cell engineering, and more. Naomi received her PhD from the University of California, San Diego under Roy Wollman quantifying how cells communicate with one another to determine their position in relation to a wound. She’s passionate about bringing science to the public through effective scientific communication and meaningful technological advances.

    Marilene Pavan, Ph.D.
    Marilene is a High-Throughput Synthetic Biology Manager at LanzaTech Inc., a carbon recycling technology company, specialized in converting waste carbon oxides into biofuels and chemicals. She is a Biologist with 15+ years of experience in the fields of synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and biomanufacturing, with previous experience working for chemical industries like Braskem S/A and leading biotech companies as Monsanto S/A, She moved to the US in 2016 to work as Research Fellow at Boston University, later joining Lanzatech in 2019. Her expertise also includes partnerships (prospection and management); people management and mentorship; fundraising; business development; grant, patent, and scientific article writing; project evaluation and management; budget management; scientific consulting; and conference planning and speaking. She holds a master’s degree in Molecular Biology and is also specialized in Strategic Management of Technological Innovation. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Bioenergy Program of the University of Campinas, UNICAMP – Brazil.

  • EBRC Global Forum 2.0

    This is an invitation-only event.
    Register here


    The Forum will be held at the Hotel Fort Canning. Our hosts in Singapore have procured an excellent reduced rate at the hotel for Forum attendees (details have been shared through email with those who have RSVPed yes to the Forum). Bookings at the reduced rate must be made by January 6, 2023. We recognize the tight timeline for the reduced rates. There are also other hotels nearby if you prefer to stay elsewhere, though we will not be able to provide reduced rates or transportation from other hotels. For your consideration, here are some other options for hotel booking (rates shown are as of 12/22/22, per night, flexible option with cancellation, no breakfast, and exclude taxes and fees):



    The second EBRC Global Forum for Engineering Biology: Review of Synthetic Biology/Bioeconomy National Strategies (EBRC Global Forum 2.0) will be held on the 20th and 21st of February 2023 in Singapore in partnership with the Singapore Consortium for Synthetic Biology (SINERGY). The Forum will bring together a group of global leaders for an international summit focused on national synthetic biology roadmaps and bioeconomy strategies. Our goal is to facilitate presentations and discussions among leading representatives in the field in a relaxed, not-for-attribution forum.

    The two-day agenda will include:

    • information exchanges and updates about the current status of national strategies and programs, funding, future directions, and challenges for each country represented at the EBRC Global Forum 2.0;
    • discussions focused on the common elements, opportunities, and challenges for collaborative activities, and initiatives that will advance synthetic biology/engineering biology globally and nationally; and
    • consideration to establish a virtual and ongoing Global Forum for Engineering Biology and, perhaps, task forces for specific topics such as safety and security; standards and measurement; and climate crisis/sustainability.



    Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. We will facilitate room blocks and/or make recommendations for accommodation, but we will not be covering the costs. We have some limited ability, on a case-by-case basis, to fund travel for those who could not otherwise participate without travel funding assistance.


  • Synthetic Biology for Future Health

    We are pleased to announce our new conference on synthetic biology. This conference will present how technologies from synthetic biology are delivering innovations across clinical health applications and leading towards improved global health.

    The meeting will bring together researchers working on synthetic biology, biotechnology, genomics and medical sciences, along with industry members from pharma and biotech companies, and investors and funders in this growing research area. It will address how the technologies coming out of synthetic biology impact both advanced healthcare in developed countries (e.g. personalised medicines, T-cell therapies) and global wide-impact, such as very low-cost diagnostics and self-replicating living therapies. In addition, the conference aims to provide a reflection on where resources and work are succeeding and where more effort needs to be placed to ensure equitable global outcomes.

    We aim to organise this meeting as a hybrid conference – with on-site or virtual attendance. If you would like to be part of these discussions – consider submitting an abstract by 17 January 2023 and register by 14 February (in-person) or 6 March (virtual) 2023.

    To promote more inclusive scientific discussions with international colleagues at our conferences, virtual delegates based in Lower and Middle-Income Countries can register for free.

  • Global Open Genetic Engineering Competition (GOGEC)

    GOGEC, a virtual conference, allows students to present their work and meet other synthetic biology students around the world without having to worry about registration fees. Projects can include any sort of synthetic biology work including engineering organisms, purely computational or software work, or building non-biological devices with biological applications. You can find more information and register here.

  • Symposium on Innovation and Education for the Bioeconomy

    Join local, state, and national leaders in education, government, and industry on October 27th, 2022 as we build a better and more sustainable future in the Appalachian Highlands. Stakeholders will gather at East Tennessee State University to pair local expertise in manufacturing, fermentation, and agriculture with global innovations in life science. This event will establish collaborations and partnerships to shape a world-class bioeconomy in the region. Featured speakers include EBRC members Natalie Kuldell (BioBuilder) and Tom Tubon (BioMADE). The symposium is free and open to the public, but you must register to attend. You can learn more and register here

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