Technical Research Roadmap

The EBRC technical research roadmap for engineering biology is a critical assessment of the current status and potential of engineering biology. It is intended to provide researchers and other stakeholders across engineering biology disciplines and industries with a consolidated view of challenges and opportunities in the near and long term. The framework of the Roadmap focuses on the development and advancement of tools and technologies in engineering biology and their potential applications and impact. The Roadmap considers challenges and bottlenecks in current, nascent, and prospective tools and technologies and sets forth milestones necessary to achieve technical goals and objectives. The Roadmap also incorporates the application of engineering biology toward addressing significant societal and economic challenges.


The Roadmap is being developed as a source of guidance and reference for a broad range of audience stakeholders. It is primarily intended for academic researchers, industry scientists, and government program managers, with the technical elements serving to guide research planning and spur innovation. It is our hope that the broader themes of the Roadmap will aid scientists and engineers to identify the (potential) impacts of their work, whether in their research field, or toward a specific sector or societal challenge. The Roadmap will serve as a reference or resource for developing funding proposals, identifying areas for innovation, and for educating the next generation of biological engineers. The Roadmap can also serve to educate policymakers and regulators as to the current state of the field and potential advancements. Our goal is that the Roadmap will help communicate the impact of engineering biology and articulate a vision for advancement.

Roadmap Review

The draft of the EBRC roadmap is currently undergoing review by the EBRC Membership. Member feedback is due to no later than Tuesday, April 23.