[VIRTUAL] Writing Workshop: An EBRC Roadmap for Microbiome Engineering

Participation in this workshop is by invitation only.

Registration for this workshop is now closed. Please contact roadmap@ebrc.org for more information.

As a follow-up to EBRC’s 2019 roadmap Engineering Biology, we are developing a technical research roadmap for microbiome engineering, to be published in Summer 2020. Microbiomes have the capacity to substantially influence their environment in novel ways, and therefore engineering and applying these technologies has broad implications for industry, agriculture, medicine, and other biotechnology sectors. Our primary technical themes focus on spatial and temporal microbiome engineering, stably engineering ecological diversity, and engineering cooperative biosynthesis of compounds to facilitate novel biochemistry.

This (now virtual) writing workshop will be a critical opportunity to elaborate on and refine the technical content of the roadmap, and discuss the application and impacts of engineered microbiomes. Workshop activities are expected to include:

  • Plenary discussion of existing technical themes, goals, and breakthrough capabilities;
  • Breakout groups to detail technical milestones, and accompanying Bottlenecks and Potential Solutions;
  • Breakout groups to draft and revise application sector content, with a particular focus on Health & Medicine, Energy, and Industrial Biotechnology; and
  • Plenary and breakout group review of material.